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この度、今年デビュー25周年を迎えらるアーティストのCoccoさんが制作されたMV「強く儚い者たち」Cocco 25th ANNIVERSARY ver.に参加しました。


YouTubeからでもご覧いただけますが、ここのMusic Videoは、3月23日にリリースとなる「プロム」の初回限定盤A、Bに付属されているBlu-ray Discにも収録となります。


One of my works has been selected to appear in a music video for Cocco, who’s celebrating her 25th anniversary this year.

I’m delighted and honored to be a part of this project. The video features the piece “Atariuku”, which I presented at my 2021 solo exhibition. The piece only features briefly in the video, but it looks beautiful in her hands.

You can watch the video from the YouTube link at the top of my website. It will also be included on the Blu-ray the comes with the first limited edition of her album Prom, which is released on March 23rd.

Congratulations, Cocco, on your 25th anniversary!

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